April Professional Development via Zoom

  • April 16, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Zoom


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What is the Current State of Healthcare?

via Zoom Conference Calling!

Presented by:

Mr. Michael Andrade 

Employee Benefits Advisor

Michael Andrade is an Employee Benefits advisor with 23+ years experience. His experience as an underwriter and carrier do not get in the way of his creativity and driving innovation into your Benefit Plan.  He has worked with employers that recognize the importance of embracing creative solutions to curb rising healthcare costs and to improve employee satisfaction with their health plan. We all pay a lot of money for health insurance, it’s a right and one that requires responsibility to keep it affordable.  He can help your organization design affordable options that help improve your employees lives and guarantee the results. 

Learning Objective #1
Discover: Where is healthcare broken?
Learning Objective #2
Empower: What’s emerging in the market place?
Learning Objective #3
Act: Develop an immediate and long-term plan that fits within your culture and recruiting & retention strategies.

Session Description: 
What is the current State of Healthcare? It depends on who you ask. Ask an Insurance Company and they’ll tell you it’s great! Record profits and fantastic market share. Ask an employer and the response will vary from okay to it’s horrible. Ask an employee and the answer may get dire.

In our April Meeting we welcome Benefits Advisor, Mike Andrade to discuss Empowered Health and what employers can do to improve benefits while improving benefits to employees.
It seems crazy for sure however when we discover how the system is broken and where and how to manage solutions, you’ll see that it is possible and a reality to do just that. In his presentation Michael will share the lessons he’s learned first-hand from his wife’s (Tracy) battle with cancer to illustrate examples where the healthcare system is broken. This coupled with discussions covering real-cost drivers, transparent open networks, and smart shopper options will reveal opportunities you can embrace immediately or as part of a longer-term strategy. You can empower your employees and save them (and your plan) money. Depending on where we are with COVID-19, we may spend some time discussing how this has impacted your business and how 2020 has affected your people strategy. 

Event Details:


Feel free to log in remotely so we can virtually network! You're also welcome to dial in and take advantage of the great insight Michael has to provide.

Thursday, April 16, 2020  |  11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Note: The presentation will start at 12 PM. Join us at 11:30 for virtual networking and to resolve any technical issues (if applicable).

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