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Individual Awards


Amy Granberry - Charlie's Place 

Roland Hernandez - Corpus Christi Independent School District

Rocco Montesano - USS Lexington


Virginia Whitham- Navy Army Community Credit Union

 Steven Viera - City of Corpus Christi


Cassondra Cassanova - Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Othy Simonson Cahill - UniqueHR

Small to Medium Business


TPCO America

Project:  "WOW"  Program!  

Summary:  Employees sign up for text-based news messages about the company and its people, including individual and team successes both inside and outside the company!  


TPCO America

Project:  Designing a Strong Salary Structure 

Summary:  Three initial salary structures were developed for review.  Elements of all three were implemented for the organization to have a competitive salary, training, bonus plan for production goals and demonstrate paths of career progression.  

Outstanding Employee Engagement Strategy

TPCO America

Project:  Increase Pride in the Facility and Company 

Summary:  After building a Site Leadership Team, a SWOT analysis was conducted.  Town Hall Meetings and lunch meetings provided an avenue to discuss goals and provide feedback.  Employees are now also recognized on social media and a photo contest has begun.  

Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellness    

LK Jordan

Project:  Ready Set Go365 Enrollment 

Summary:  Register, earn points, and enjoy the rewards. Benefits also include a dental plan.     

USS Lexington

Project:  Provide New Wellness Initiatives for Employees 

Summary:  Employer has updated the gym, now provides an annual Biometrics and Health Fair to include a variety of vendors from doctors to wellness coaches and personal trainers, plus monthly walk challenges, weight loss contest, and muscle mass increase contest.  Monthly and annual awards are given to participating employees.  

Achievement in Workplace Safety & Compliance   

Frontier Surveying Company

Project:  Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) Goal and Improvement 

Summary:  EMR education, workers' compensation information and client requirements were added to safety training to empower employees with knowledge and help everyone become focused on the same goal. 

Large Business

Most Effective Internal Communications Strategy

Navy Army Community Credit Union

Project:  Execute Disaster Emergency Plan

Summary:  Obtain and upload updated contact information in to the emergency notification system which was available by a phone app.  Keep staff updated daily on the state of the business.  Notify employees with brief announcements about the storm Hurricane Harvey and branch openings and closings.  

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


Project:  Employees Volunteer Time  

Summary:  The Community Investment Council meets monthly to address the needs of the local community.  Employees participate in the local colleges, local chambers of commerce, Port of Corpus Christi events, civic organizations, non-profits, and much more. 

City of Corpus Christi

Project:  Champions Support Our Community

Summary:  The Employee Disaster Relief Program was designed to provide short-term assistance to employees experiencing sever need to due unexpected and unavoidable City disasters.  Opportunities included donations of leave time, monetary donations, temporary housing, home restoration, relocation resources, pet sitting, and much more.  A Volunteer of the Year award is presented each year. 

Navy Army Community Credit Union

Project:  Grow and Develop "Spiritual Capitalism"

Summary:  Employees are invited to participate monthly in volunteer activities.  Accomplishments are shared at an Employee Appreciation Dinner where a Volunteer of the Year is also honored, plus volunteer prize drawings are held.  A website allows people in the community to ask for donations.   

Most Effective Recruitment Strategy                  

Del Mar College

Project:   Electronic Onboarding Process

Summary:   Deliver a personalized, seamless onboarding experience that engages new hires by automating documentation and logistics.  Compliance is maintained without the added stress of paper processes, freeing hiring managers and staff to focus on personalized communications and meaningful, development-driven activities.

Kane Beef

Project:   Increase the Workforce

Summary:   In recruitment, advertising budget was extended with radio and television promotions.  Social media exposure was increased and the company website was revamped.  Manager trainee program was implemented and position descriptions were improved.  Local job fairs were attended.  For onboarding, a new HR Trainer was hired to focus on orientation to allow the recruiter to focus on selection of candidates.  Recognition programs, attendance bonuses and referral programs were implemented.  


Project:   Production Helpers Program

Summary:   Generate pool of candidates that become familiar with the organization and slowly train towards a production operator role, and provide a "bench strength".  Program provides a slow yet immersive way of learning production operations- done both hands-on and classroom style teaching.  Program provides and easy way for people to be promoted. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Kane Beef

Project:   Production-Floor Manager and Supervisor Leadership Training

Summary:   Leadership training was offered in both the English & Spanish languages.  The training has included Communicating for Leadership Success, Driving for Change, Setting Goal & Reviewing Results, Launching a Successful Team, Building & Sustaining Trust, to name a few.

Outstanding Employee Engagement Strategy    

City of Corpus Christi

Project:   Employee Recognition with a ‘Pop’ Makes Engagement Fun!

Summary:   Nomination surprises provide a highly visible and, tangible way to ensure that our employees feel appreciated for their dedication while at the same time reinforcing key company values. Once every quarter leaders and employees across the organization are given the opportunity to nominate those who they feel are overall outstanding examples of what we call, “City Champions”. 

Del Mar College

Project:   Electronic Records Management

Summary:   Build an electronic records management systems that would transform all HR documents, including a paper personnel file, into an electronic process for all documents for the life of an employee, from recruitment to the exit interviews.

MMR Constructors Inc.

Project:   Upskill Front-line and Mid-level Employees and Managers

Summary:   The Skills Development Fund is Texas’ premier job-training program providing local customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and workers to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce.  Provide up to 144 hours of word processing, database management, spreadsheet management, and presentation management to 30 employees over the period of one year.  Plus, up to 30 supervisors and managers are participating in a year-long Interaction Management program.


Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellness 

Navy Army Community Credit Union

Project:   Wellness Programs

Summary:   In addition to all the fun we have with corporate challenge, we also have our Be Well program. The year starts off with a health screening and wellness assessment. There are many activities to participate in from self reporting annual physical exam, preventative exams (dentist, eye doctor, etc.), to monthly physical activities. share tips, tricks, exercise ideas, even delicious recipes from the Wellness Portal. 

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Project:   Be Well to Excel

Summary:   The Wellness Committee works to facilitate and promote opportunities to enhance total well-being across the company. The eight dimensional wellness wheel model serves as the framework for the team and includes physical, environmental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and occupational wellness.  Programs include a fitness center, Walk for Wellness, Incentive Rewards, Work Release Time, and preventative care options. 

Valero Bill Greehey Refineries

Project:   Health and Wellness Benefits

Summary:   The Employee Wellness Center allows employees access to same day health care and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries.  This is affordable and accessible option for employees.  A fitness center is also onsite.  Financial Wellness Education Workshops positively affect financial future and reduce financial stress.  A booklet is published featuring Fit Champion Success stories of employees each year.  Lunch and Learns are presented.  Each year, the company hosts a Total Wellness and Safety Fair.  A 3D Mammomobile is also brought on the site for individuals needing an annual mammogram.

Most Successful Change Management Strategy

Kane Beef

Project:   Embrace Change

Summary:   As the company set the tone for growth and change, the company put measures in place to communicate, implement and track business success, including employee recognition programs and training.  Investments in the development of their Production-floor Managers and Supervisors were made.  Training has included Communicating for Leadership Success, Driving for Change, Setting Goal & Reviewing Results, Launching a Successful Team, Building & Sustaining Trust, to name a few.

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